WA Museum Boola Bardip Excursion

On Friday 18 August, students from Years 4 and 5 visited WA Museum Boola Bardip. Students took part in a Robotics workshop and explored the museum in small groups. Hear from some of the students who attended the excursion below.

Last Friday we went on an excursion to the Boola Bardip museum. It was a 20 minute drive to get there, but it was worth it. I was sitting next to my best mate Odin. Once we got there we had to split up into groups and had a snack and a little discussion until we moved onto the museum. Group 3 was doing the museum and 1 and 2 were doing the robotics workshop. I really enjoyed the museum because there was so much information and so much to explore. We first did this thing where we looked at old clothing and tools that they used back then. My favourite part was when we looked of the balcony and saw ‘the whacker’. We had lunch after the museum and we played until we got onto the robotics we split up into partners and I went with Odin and we go to code and program robots.

By Mason

Last Friday the years four and five went to Boola Bardip WA Museum. It was fun going to the WA Museum because we got to go to robotics workshop. We also got make the lego ev3 move at the robotics workshop and we talked different types of robots and how they work. Then it was lunch and we played a little and ate. Next my group and helpers went to explore the Museum. When we went to explore the Museum we got to see all of these old things from a long time ago.

By Elizabeth

Last Friday the year 4’s and 5’s went on an excursion to the Boola Bardip Museum. First off we had recess then me and my group went to the look at the museum and I was in group 3A. My favourite parts that we got to look at was the blue whale skeleton and the wildlife section. Then after exploring the museum we had lunch, also there were these water things that squirted out water mist and we were all able to go in them. Then group 3 went to the robotics workshop and met our coding teacher called Tom and did lots of coding on a lego Ev3 and learned a lot.

By Selena

On Friday 18th August 2023 we went to the Boola Bardip WA Musuem. We split into 3 groups. Groups 1 and 2 did a Robot Coding activity and Group 3 were exploring the museum. We had to partner up for the robot activity they planned for us. I was with Jessie since she was the only friend I had in the group. Our machine was being very naughty that day so we called a robot worker called Ryan helped us. Then we explored the museum and got a question museum sheet. So we looked and answered questions on our sheet and I was in Group 1A so I got people I knew. We went up gold stairs and Mia in room 9 made a message saying “Hi”. I found a computer that showed my hand on a crystal thing and I saw some buttons and the screen zoomed in and I was shocked and I showed Mrs Heale. There were a bunch of kids around exploring. But I did not see the t-rex bone set in the museum.

By Nathan

On Friday last week the year fives and year fours went to the Boola Bardip Musuem. While we were there we did a Museum walk in our groups then we went to a Robotics work shop. In the work shop Tahlia and I made our Lego EV3 robot dance we also got to name our robot we named our robot ET bot. At the Museum walk we looked in all the different rooms and it was so cool. My favourite part was the ocean room it was really interesting I even had some of the shells they had. Fact, did you know some types of Cowrie shells used to be used as money.

By Eden