Science Week – Pilot Visit Room 9

Room 9 had a special visit from Miss Stacey, a pilot and an aviation teacher from the flying program at Melville Senior High School. Miss Stacey told the students all about being a pilot and about Melville SHS’s Come Fly with Me program. The aviation course is open to Year 5 and 6 students and involves them attending the course for two hours per week for 8 weeks. Enrolments are limited so apply early if your child is interested!

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Here are some of the recounts by the Year 4 children:


Today we learned about how to fly planes from a pilot from Melville Senior High School called Miss Stacey. She helped us make paper airplanes that was really cool and we learnt about the science of flight. Miss Stacey is a great pilot and thanks for her coming here today and talking about flying.


We learnt about drones and looked at the Melville SHS and learnt about three scientists who said stuff. They are Bernoulli , Coanda and Newton We made a paper airplane and asked questions to the Pilot. I think the lesson was really, really, really awesome and fantastic. We also tested a balloon and Pilot Ms Stacey lets the balloon go and it flew around the pilot. Then we tested balloons and a hair dryer blowing the balloons being tied up a string and we tested a ball being pushed by the hair dryer. We watched a 9 News video about them visiting the 9 News crew.


At the start of the lesson a pilot came in and introduced herself. She gave us a demonstration about lift with balloons and table tennis balls. She also taught us about some scientists. Their names were Bernoulli, Coanda and Newton. We asked lots of questions. We also made paper helicopters and planes and flew them around. Overall we all had a wonderful time and I hope I could do this again in the future.

Tahlia’s questions and Miss Stacey’s answers-

If there is a really bad storm do you have to land or do you have to keep going? You can’t fly in a storm

Where was your furthest destination you had to go to? 4 hours

What is the oldest plane you have flown?   About 50 years old

What’s the strangest thing you have seen during a flight? A smoke blanket

How many flights do you do a week?     3 days a week

What’s the biggest plane you have flown? 12 seats

If you’re in the middle of the air and you have to land where do you land? You glide into a field or a safe place


Today In science I met a pilot. She told us what it was like to fly a plane and how to fly a plane.  Miss Stacey teaches a Melville senior high and teaches drones and planes. She taught us about a word called lift. It included three scientists Bernoulli, Coanda and sir Isaac Newton. We made paper aeroplanes and tested them to fly. Overall, it was really fun and I liked to learn about a pilot.


I met a pilot at BLPS And she answered our questions for us. She also taught us about science and planes and we built some paper planes and explained Isaac Newton and gravity to us. She was really nice. Also we talked about a program and we also talked about Melville SHS.