Jump Jam Team – Workshop Incursion

Recount by Bella & Aya

On Friday the 17th of May, Brett and Linda Fairweather came to our School to teach us a new dance called ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen. The Jump Jam leaders all came in the science room to meet Brett and Linda. Brett taught us a Jump Jam dance called ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. All of the Jump Jam leaders had a fun time on Friday and really enjoyed it, we would really love to meet Brett and Linda again soon.

Recount by Lacey & Dylan

In Week Six, 17th of May, Brett and Linda the creator of Jump-Jam came to our school and gave us some tips.

So when the break 2 bell rang all the Jump Jam team members crowded around, everyone was so happy. Brett went to go greet his fans (the Year 1s and 2s). Then the team went to Miss Harvey’s room where we started the workshop. Brett talked to us about how you need fully extended moves, good posture, and different types of hands like: blade hands, jazz hands, fists, and character!

We started to learn a new routine (Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen). It was very hard at first, but eventually we got the hang of it! We were pretty rusty at the start, Brett and Linda had to pick us up on a few moves, like the guitar move and the jumping back move. Some bits we had no idea what we were doing but he taught us every step until we had jelly legs.

We got photos with Brett and Linda and we got some signatures and I got my shoe autographed (Dylan). It was so fun and I cannot wait for Brett and Linda to come back next year! I wonder what new routine we will work on next?