Jump Jam Choir Assembly

On Friday, 13th October, our fantastic Jump Jam team hosted the assembly. They performed two very impressive dance routines, the first routine was to the song “Cake by the Ocean” and the second was to “Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go”. Their dancing was high energy and spot on, the whole audience was totally blown away. Here are some of the messages they read out to the audience in between dance routines:

Ava P
Year 6
Hi I’m Ava and I have been on the team for nearly 2 years now. I decided to join the team because I am a competitive dancer and I wanted to bring dance into the school. I also joined because even though I dance in front of heaps of people through competitions, I was actually scared to do it in front of kids and teachers I see every day. But after a few times being up the front I got used to it and started to enjoy it. some of my highlights of being on the team are having fun with my friends, watching all of the kids in the audience have fun with the dances and watching the team grow and improve.
Year 6
Hi I’m Shae. When Jump Jam first started, it was my goal to be on the team when I got to Year 5. I was so happy when I got in. Jump Jam has made me feel more like a leader. I have got so much more confident performing in front of people now. I love learning new songs and performing them.
Year 6
Hi I’m Clare. Jump Jam is one thing I am so proud of joining as it is not only super fun but also improves fitness and I absolutely love seeing all the massive grins bearing at me while I dance. Being a student counsellor this year sent me panicking, so Jump Jam really helped by encouraging me to perform in front of a large crowd. Most importantly, Jump Jam has helped with my commitment, and I am very grateful for that because in high school I will definitely need it.
Chloe W
Year 6
Hi I’m Chloe and I absolutely adore being on the Jump Jam Team, because when I’m dancing, I don’t even realised that I am doing physical activity and I just have so much fun! Plus, we have such an amazing team and of course the BEST teachers ever.
Jump Jam is the highlight of my week, and it’s a win-win for me!
Chloe M
Year 5
Hi I’m Chloe. I like being on the Jump Jam Team because I love dancing. I like being on the team because I always have fun at practise even if I am tired. Another reason why I like being on the team is because I love dancing up the front in the mornings.