School Hours

School commences at 8:50am and concludes at 3:00pm.

11.00am – 11.30am
1:00pm – 1.30pm

Classes open
Classes commence
Break 1
Break 2
School finishes

Before School

As parents would know, all schools discourage children from being at school until 8.30am because of the ‘Duty of Care’ issues which are of concern for the teaching staff. However, we realise that some parents work, hence, their child/children may need to be on the school premises prior to 8.30am. The undercover area is where children wait, supervised, until they are formally permitted into the classroom at 8.35am, at which time they will be released from the undercover area.

Should a teacher not be in the classroom at this time, the children must wait for the teacher’s arrival before entering the classroom. These rules are enforced for the safety of the children and apply to all classrooms within the school. The first lesson of the day will begin at 8.50am.